Thursday, March 1, 2012


SkyJungle :

Type: Team Battle.
Size: 100x100.
Account: Keiran.
Normal blocks: 2889.
Special blocks: 457.
Time to build it: 5 hours.
Total blocks: 3346.
Designed for: 12 players (6v6).

Battle pictures:

Download it, Fight on it, then rate it!

-Keiran, the Brick-Force Builder.


  1. is that the finished state? :D

    1. once they release the update for the client login (sos people with "passwords that are too long for the client"(e.g. me) tool could i help you with you're maps please I was looking forward to the building (well more of the level designing) and I would really like to set up or join a building team if I can i will get another person to join (my bro) so's we can get maps out there 3x as fast :D. tell me what you think.(if we are going to start a building team you will be leader of course because you're the founder)

    2. I don't think I'll change it, but I'll improve my ways of building in the future =)I don't need a team but sometimes I build with others people, it's really faster =D

  2. P.S. looks REALLY and i mean REAllY good

  3. Agreed, looks really good! Can't wait to play it. ^^

    Btw, check out my video. :D

  4. Just added new cools pics =) hope you like them.