Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brick-Force last informations!

Here are last updates about Brick-Force informations.

When will we be able to play? :
- Advanced Access (or Closed Beta if you prefer) begins on February 28th. Register now for the beta to get a special item and a chance to be in!

- There's currently no official date of Open Beta. It will be decided in function of the results of the Closed Beta.
- The release will be somewhere in Spring!

10 questions to the Brick-Force team:
Brickforce.fr, a French fansite had the chance to ask 10 questions to the Brick-Force team.

1st question : When we buy weapons, they will last X days or indefinitely?
>>This hasn’t been decided yet.

2nd question : Can we know the characteristics of weapons?
>>There will be a range of different types of stats for the weapons

3rd question : When the account management system will be online and when can we get our beta keys?
>>Account management system will be online within a few weeks. Beta keys will be ready within 1 week.

4th question : A personalization of skins ?
>>Items will be avaliable ingame allowing you to customise your character.

5th question : To the release of the game, it’s early spring or late spring?
>>We are planning to release open beta in Spring. It depends partly on the feedback and response from the community in closed beta.

6th question : We can define the size of the maps?
>>Currently map sizes are fixed, but there is a lot of space to develop your own creations

7th question : The shop sells what?
>>The shop will sell ingame items or currency allowing you to purchase ingame items

8th question : Later, there will be other game modes?
>>Yes, we plan to expand on the already existing game mode

9th question : A big exclusive to tell the players?
>>Yes, we are discussing PvE game modes and thinking about themed content that can be added in the future

10th question : So, the game is not a Pay2win ?
Of course not.

WTF is Brick-Force?
Totalbiscuit, the Cynical British had the chance to test the alpha version of Brick-Force. He made a video called "WTF is Brick-Force": you can see it here.

-Keiran, the Brick-Force Builder.

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