Monday, March 5, 2012

My Closed Beta feedback

Sandbox Mode:
- There are plenty of differents bricks!
- We have very huge maps of 100x100 bricks and we can build very hight!
- We can choose the sky of the map.
- Sometimes hard to build: we should be able to fly.
- That would be awesome to be able to rotate some bricks!
- We should be able to customize our maps sizes: like 70x70 or 30x30... (we can only choose 50x50 or 100x100...).
- We should have more choices for the floor of the map, right now we can't only take grass or earth...
- We should be able to change the sky of the map during map edit.
- We should be able to edit registered maps.
- We should be able to delete a map.
- Selections tools would be awesome (you know, like World Edit in Minecraft!).
- Brick-Force NEEDS water!

Shooter Mode:
- Plenty of weapons.
- Very nice manga animations on characters faces.

- It's annoying to be killed by someone invincible. Spawn Protection should be reduce/removed.

- We can choose the way to pay items (real money or in-game money), so it's not a Pay2Win.
- Should sell more equipements skins: we all looks the same, that's not very fun.
- Should sell maps slots: they would earn money and we would be able to buy more maps.
- Should sell name ticket, to change the name of our character.

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