Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Open Beta & Maps

The Open Beta has been officially announced for 26th April, in the Easter Egg Hunt event!

For the launch of this Open Beta, the accounts are going to be resetted. That means that all the exp, items, stuff, levels, stats, etc... are going to be resetted. The good news it has been officially said that our maps won't be deleted! We will just have to register them again.

That means severals things to me. Here is a patchnote for my maps:
*KeiranCity (V.1) is going to be deleted, because I can't register it again.
*SkyIslands, SkyJungle and CubeCity have good chances to be deleted or improved. I don't really like them anymore.
*I'll make somekind of R.I.P post for all these maps that are going to disappear.
*City (the map of my brother) will be renamed SquareCity.
*KeiranCity (V.2), HeavyRain, City, 2Roads and TheTemple are the map I'll keep. Some of them are even going to be improved, because they had glitch/wrong-forgotten bricks/problems.
*That will clear a bit the mess on my blog. 

Have fun in Brick-Force, everyone!

-Keiran, the Brick-Force Builder.

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